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Bar Poker Open
Badger Poker is now open for live games. See the upcoming events to the right. Events will only go out for one or two weeks for now in case there are any updates or changes so pay attention here for regular updates. Sundays will be played at Schwoeglers until further notice. We are hoping to return to Boulder Brew Pub when they reopen. Email Badgerpoker1@gmail.com with any questions.


General Info
Badger Poker is not allowed to give out BPOs tokens for online tournaments.

Badger Poker is FREE to play! No need to pre-register, just show up and we will get you started. No pressure, fun time, good place to improve your poker skills!

First place will be awarded a full travel package to the 2020 Bar Poker Open National Championship in Las Vegas, includes air, up to $350, hotel and entry into the approximately $500,000 tournament. Second and third place will have the option of receiving $200 and $100 respectively OR a seat at Bar Poker Open National Championship in Las Vegas. $550 will be paid out to the other players that make final table!
Each player will have a bounty card worth $2. The more people you take out more bounties you collect.
Badger Poker has joined a national group of Bar Poker Leagues. Finish in the top 3 at each nightly BP tournament and gain entry into an online weekly tournament giving away up to 3 seats per week into an approximately $500,000 free roll tournament next summer in Las Vegas. Winners of the weekly online tournament will also get travel expenses to Las Vegas paid as well. Visit www.barpokeropen.com for more information.

Due to Covid-19 we are not sure when the finals will be. We anticipate they will be in September.

For EACH add on you do during the series you will receive 1000 extra chips in the finals! To qualify for the series finals, all you need to do is earn 50 points during this series. If you do not earn at least 50 points in this series, you will NOT be allowed to play in the series finals.

Everyone that earns from 50 to 100 points during the series will be given 20,000 in starting chips. For every 100 points earned you will receive 10,000 in chips. Every win during the series will also get you an additional 15,000 starting chips.

The player that accumulates the most points during this series will receive $50.00. The player with the most wins in the series will receive $50.00. Most points will be the first tiebreaker for the most wins award and management reserves the right to split the $50 between any and all players with the same high win total.

Point Scheduled:

The old point system is no longer in effect if it is seen anywhere disregard it.

Place Points Player
1 1172 Ray Long
2 916 Tim Fallon
3 856 Joey Banks
4 830 Doug Wendt
5 694 Tony Baize
6 631 David Chalgren
7 490 Ross (Swordsman) Curkeet
8 487 Aakash Mittal
9 441 Nick Jones
10 367 Kirby Buss


Upcoming Events
Date Time Where Phone Address
08/09/2020 2:00 PM PPPoker Online
08/10/2020 7:00 PM PPPoker Online
08/11/2020 7:00 PM PPPoker Online
08/12/2020 7:00 PM PPPoker Online