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Bar Poker Open
Play Poker for FREE, WIN CASH and PRIZES!

Finals Prize Pool through 5/24 = $63

Badger poker WILL be offering seats in the Bar Poker Open. See more at http://barpokeropen.com

Badger Poker has joined a national group of Bar Poker Leagues. Finish in the top 3 at each nightly BP tournament and gain entry into an online weekly tournament giving away up to 30 seats per week into a $200,000 free roll tournament next summer in Las Vegas. Winners of the weekly online tournament will also get travel expenses to Las Vegas paid as well. Visit www.barpokeropen.com for more information.

This series will be 13 weeks long. The series finals will be on Sunday, May 21st at 2:00pm. For every player that attends a Badger Poker tournament this series, BP will add $1 to the prize pool for series 101 Finals. Estimated prize pool of $1,500.

To qualify for the series finals, all you need to do is earn 25 point during this series. If you do not earn at least 25 point in this series, you will NOT be allowed to play in the series finals.

Everyone that earns from 25 to 50 points during the series will be given 20,000 in starting chips. Players earning 51 to 100 points will get an additional 10,000 chip. Players with 101-150 points will get 20,000 extra starting chips. Players with 151-200 points will get an additional 30,000 starting chips. Players earning 201-300 points in this series will get an addtional 40,000 in starting chips. Players earning 301-400 points in this seires will get an additional 50,000 in starting chips. Players earning 401-500 points in this series will get an additional 70,000 in starting chips. Players earning over 500 points will earn an additional 100,000 in starting chips. Every win during the series will also get you an additional 15,000 starting chips.

The player that accumulates the most points during this series will get $50.00

General Info

The finals for this series will be on Sunday, August 20th at Breakwater 6308 Metropolitan Lane. at 2:00pm

Place Points Player
1 43 Scott S
2 40 Herach Mesdjian
3 38 Jim Cox
4 35 Keith Clemens
5 35 James Scribner
6 31 Kendra Mertz
7 29 Larry Chalgren
8 28 Tamar Lehmann
9 27 Ryan Waege
10 25 mike crawley


Upcoming Events
Date Time Where Phone Address
05/30/2017 7:00 PM Pitchers Pub 608-271-9702 323 W. Beltline Hwy. Madison, WI 53713
05/31/2017 7:00 PM Schwoeglers 608-833-7272 444 Grand Canyon Dr.
06/04/2017 2:00 PM Alt N Bachs 608-271-9955 2602 Whalen Ln. Madison
06/04/2017 5:00 PM Alt N Bachs 608-271-9955 2602 Whalen Ln. Madison